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San Vicente de la Barquera

Photo of San Vicente de la Barquera

About San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente de la Barquera has a wonderful spot, between two long inlets on the Cantabrian coast, with the Picos de Europa and the Asturias mountains creating a spectacular backdrop. The long inlets and beaches make San Vicente de la Barquera a popular summer destination, but there's a lot more to this ancient medieval port than sun, sea and sand. Some of the best places to stay in San Vicente de la Barquera are right on this beautiful coast, while some are further inland in the rising foothills.

If you're here for the beaches, the longest stretches of golden sand are to the east. While they look smooth and welcoming there are some stretches that do get some surf.

If you're here for a bit of local charm as well you'll find plenty in San Vicente de la Barquera's old heart. As well as the myriad of restaurants and cafes to choose from there's some wonderful monuments, one of the best being the 13th Century Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles, a grand Gothic affair with huge Romanesque doorways and a slightly menacing lifelike statue of Antonio del Corro, a 16th Century Inquisitor.

Just along the coast, Comillas is also worth a jaunt for those interested in the region's culture and architecture. Firstly there's a very impressive Gaudi, one of the architect's earliest designs, the Capricho de Gaudi. The outside is striped, alternating green leaves and sunflowers and there are some fantastic ceilings inside. Comillas also has a truly spectacular neo-Gothic palace and tomb, in the Palacio de Sobrellano. So ornate that it almost manages to out-Gothic original Gothic design. Comillas also has a pretty town centre and a fascinating old cemetery.

Our pick of the best places to stay in San Vicente de la Barquera features a couple of coastal properties and one inland, but all within striking distance of the town.

For the coast

  • Valle d'Arco is a charming villa hotel right on the Cantabrian coast. Its 23 rooms are large and colourful, but also reasonably priced, starting from £48 per night. One side of the hotel offers views of the sea, the other views of the mountains.
  • Slightly further along the coast, on the other side of San Vicente de la Barquera, Posada Caborredondo is an old pousada with rustic chic bedrooms and cosy decor. There are just 14 rooms and a lovely library plus a restaurant specialising in local cuisine.


  • The Casona D'Alevia is slightly further inland, closer to the beautiful scenery of the Asturias mountains. This small, nine room hotel is decorated in a rustic style, complementing the stone walls and exposed beams. As well as being a great spot for walkers and outdoorsy types, this is also a good base for foodies.

Still not sure which to book? Browse through our list of all the best places to stay in San Vicente de la Barquera, or contact one of our friendly Gurus for advice.

Best Hotels in San Vicente de la Barquera

  • Valle d'Arco 23 rooms from $63

    San Vicente de la Barquera (Prezello)

    A pleasant hotel on the Cantabrian coast, not far from San Vicente de la Barquera. Large rooms are colourful, with exposed beams and views to the sea or mountains. A very secluded spot close to many outdoor activities. A great choice for country weekend by the sea.

    Country Escape  -  Only a few minutes from the beach, in a charming village, with many activities and views to enjoy
    Sights nearby  -  S. Vicente de la Barquera, Comillas, Santillana del Mar, Santander
    Fishing  -  Nansa and Deva rivers, famous for its salmon and trout
    Views  -  Picos de Europa mountains
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  • Casona D'Alevia 9 rooms from $91

    Penamellera Baja, Asturias

    A delightful hotel in the countryside. Charming rooms have original features with their stone walls, wooden beams, rustic fabrics. A cosy library with fireplace. A National Park is close by for those who love nature. A great choice for those who enjoy the countryside.

    Foodies  -  Region is known for its cider, honey and Cabrales cheese; specialist mueseums to see the production of these goods
    Active Holiday  -  Abundance of activities in this region: fishing, hiking and walking through the Asturias mountains
    Great walks  -  Good for walkers.
    Fishing  -  River Cares-Deva for salmon and trout fishing; hotel can advise on local rules
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