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Photo of Ubeda

About Ubeda

Úbeda, and its little sister Baeza, are known for their beautifully preserved Renaissance architecture, huddled together in particularly charming old town centres, and this is where you'll find some of the best places to stay in Úbeda. Once inside its lovely heart you can look out over the wonderful views of surrounding olive groves.

Despite being the capital of the Jaen region, and home to the local hospital and university, and having 48 monuments and over a hundred of what UNESCO calls 'buildings of interest', Úbeda is a small city to explore, and you can see well beyond the old town on foot.

The most impressive architecture, the Sacra Capilla del Salvador (chapel) and the palaces of Vazquez de Molina and Vela de los Cobo, for example, can be found not far from the main square, the Plaza 1. But don't get too distracted by the beautiful heart and forget to at least stroll out to the Casa Museo Art Andalusi, a wonderful private museum and regular flamenco venue.

Úbeda is particularly wonderful in the summer when the annual music and dance festival hits town and there's literally music in the warm air.

As well as its splendid monuments, Úbeda has a wonderful collection of tapas bars and restaurants, lovely boutiques - especially antiques, and it is well known for its pottery. Some of the best places to stay in Úbeda can be found right in the thick of everything, while some are dotted about amongst the olive groves.

For central location

  • The Palacio de la Rambla is a beautifully preserved 16th Century palace in a secluded setting, converted into a maison d'hôte worthy of royalty. Though the royally in question would need to be friendly, as these eight rooms, decorated with beautiful antiques and set around a cloistered courtyard are great for couples, but the public areas are designed to be shared and relaxed in.

    Still not sure which to book? Browse through our list of all the best places to stay in Úbeda, or contact one of our friendly Gurus for advice. Alternatively widen the net and check out all of our recommendations in Andalucia.

    Best Hotels in Ubeda

    • Hotel Puerta de la Luna 44 rooms from $113

      Ubeda (Baeza)

      Nestled in the small town of Baeza in Southern Spain, Hotel Puerta de la Luna has been created from a 17th century townhouse. Beautifully designed bedrooms offer fresh light modern interiors with historic Spanish touches. Relax by the pool or explore the local delights.

      Local exploring
      Sights nearby  -  Just a stone's throw from Baeza cathedral
      Great walks  -  Good for walkers.
      Swimming Pool  -  Indoor/outdoor
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    • Palacio de la Rambla 8 rooms from $151


      Well-preserved 16th-century palace, now a wonderfully aristocratic maison d'hote. Secluded setting, centred on a cloistered courtyard, furnished with family antiques. Large baronial bedrooms with tasteful decor such as draped fourposter beds and fine wooden wardrobes. An enchanting couples retreat.

      Romantic Break  -  Renaissance style palace with beautiful courtyard garden and charming antique filled suites ideal for a romantic break.
      Great walks  -  Wander the UNESCO World Heritage Site of central Úbeda, filled with historic buildings and churches.
      Sights nearby  -  Visit the Plaza de Molina Square, a typical example of Renaissance architecture.
      Full of character
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