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Rome Hotels Fit For Cardinals - Best Hotels near the Vatican

You can easily catch a glimpse of life within the smallest state in the world from the best hotels near the Vatican. Every so often we are treated to the view of the black smoke / white smoke drama, in which case all the cardinals who are eligible to vote stay in some rather spartan, cramped conditions in a hostelry in the Vatican City.

However, at other times, cardinals have regular business to conduct in the Eternal City, and at such times they are apt to opt for more comfortable surroundings.

So here, dear cardinals, monsignore and humble priests, is a selection of places you will appreciate, next time you come to town our hand picked selection of the best hotels near the Vatican.

Best Hotels near the Vatican

For those on a Budget

For those who are working to a budget, you won't be disappointed by any of the best hotels near the Vatican, there's plenty of choice.

Villa Laetitia

  • The Due Torri, full of traditional Italian charm, tucked away in a narrow cobbled side street just a few steps away from the Vatican.
  • Couples who want to experience the Italian flavour and buzz of the city opt for the trendy 1920's Locarno, which is where artists like to hang out and has the air of a film set about it.
  • For just a little more, the 1930's style Villa Laetitia, with it's luscious gardens along the banks of the river Tiber is perfect. A tranquil spot within easy access of the sights.

Rome from the rooftops

The evening is certainly the most romantic time of the day with that glorious peachy light. Where better to set the scene than from the rooftops of some of the best hotels near the Vatican. Slip up to the bar for a cool and refreshing aperitif before dinner.

Hotel Campo de Fiori

  • The Hotel Campo de 'Fiori has a fantastic roof terrace overlooking the city skyline. You'll find romantic bedrooms with four poster beds and frescoed ceilings, all within 12 minutes cab ride from the Vatican.
  • Families will be well catered for in the elegant Albergo del Senato with a wonderful roof terrace bar, a traditional and relaxing atmosphere.
  • The Eden, a stone's throw from St Peter's, is in the 5 star luxury range, with a delightful roof top restaurant and the most spectacular views. The interior is tastefully done in subdued colours and lavish marble, complete with fitness suite and private massage; you'll want for nothing.

Best Hotels with luxury in mind

The Italians do luxury so well. The gorgeous design, whether it nods it's head to the Baroque era or the 21st century, spills into every corner. The private gardens and terraces provide escape form the heat of the day in the best hotels near the Vatican. You'll find it impossible to tear yourself away.

La Residenza Napoleone

  • The Hotel de Russie, a top contemporary hotel with light airy rooms, gorgeous terraced gardens and a fabulous Spa and pool. Only 10 minutes walk from St Peter's.
  • In a quiet cobbled street in the heart of Rome, within walking distance of the main attractions, sits the 17th century Relais Orso with cool decor, a pretty roof terrace and Restaurant.
  • The San Anselmo, located in the smart hilltop Aventine district is 20 minutes away from the Vatican. A romantic and chic hotel with Baroque glamour and loads of personaity, with a gorgeous garden where you can relax and sip a cocktail whilst watching the sunset.
  • Last, but by no means least are the wonderfully oppulent apartment suites, La Residenza Napoleone, each with kitchenette and private terrace. With taffetta silk, Baroque furniture and antique lighting. It feels as if you are stepping into history but with all the modern comforts.

Haven't found your perfect hotel for a Roman Holiday in our Guru's list of the best hotels near the Vatican?


Written by James Dunford Wood

posted Wednesday, 13th March 2013
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