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Photo of Culebra

About Culebra

Culebra offers the quintessential Caribbean island experience, against an expanse of near perfect beaches, and wonderfully charming eccentricity - think shop signs promising to be 'Open some days, closed others'. The best way to experience Culebra Island is by adjusting your clock to island time and going with the flow, and the best places to stay in Culebra are a collection of beach condos and small hotels.

The majority of Culebra Island's charms are natural, including a small number of extremely beautiful beaches, the opportunity to spot some rare lizards, or the odd nesting turtle and some of the world's clearest waters. Absolutely perfect for divers and snorkelers. There are also around 20 islets surrounding the island, and those are lovely to hop to and from from on by boat.

  • Club Seabourne offers tropical island peace in a collection of 12 rooms and suites, right on the beach, but still just 3kms from the main town. The hotel itself is surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and there's a dynamic Caribbean restaurant.

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Best Hotels in Culebra

  • Club Seabourne 12 rooms from £130

    Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Chic hillside hotel on Culebra Island. Rooms are contemporary with sleigh beds, large private verandahs and white shutters. Outdoor pool, enormous tropical gardens, library and massages available. Dynamic Caribbean cuisine in outdoor restaurant. Stylish, quiet and boutique.

    Hideaway  -  Hammocks within the tropical gardens, individual villas for real sense of privacy, easy access to nearby white beaches
    Local markets  -  3 km from Culebra Pueblo town centre
    Swimming Pool  -  Indoor/outdoor
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