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Photo of Providencia

About Providencia

This Colombian slice of the Caribbean lies between Costa Rica and Jamaica. Providencia Island is a stunning tropical island, but dig little deeper and you’ll quickly find that it also has a rich history of colonial struggle, Conquistador conquest and even buried treasure! The notorious pirate Henry Morgan used the island as a base from which to raid the Spanish empire and supposedly hid much of the spoils on the island itself. We’ve selected the best places to stay in Providencia to soak up the sun and engross yourself in the island's fascinating history.

Weather wise you can’t really go wrong on Providencia Island. It’s warm and sunny year round, however, the rainy ‘season’ is the month of October when you might get the odd downpour.

What not to miss:

Crab Cay - A fantastic beach on the North of the island. A great place for snorkelling and a good opportunity to spot a turtle!

Morgan's Head - Take a hike through the forest from the statue of the Virgin Mary to this beautiful and secluded spot for a great view of the sea and a terrific place to swim. Requires approximately thirty minutes walking.

The Peak Forestry Reserve - Hike with a guide through stunning natural trails in the island's central forest. The way up will take around an hour and a half and although guides are non-essential, they are recommended.

Felipe Diving Center - Beginner or life-long diver, get your scuba kit on in this heavenly setting and explore the wonders that lie below!

And for the best place to stay on Providencia Island:

For luxury

  • Deep Blue is only half a mile from Cayo Cangrejo but you probably won’t ever want to leave! The hotel has it all, king sized beds looking out onto the sea, private terraces with most rooms overlooking the water, contemporary architecture and an infinity pool to top it off. Deep Blue is particularly popular for couples.

Still undecided?

  • Browse our list of the best places to stay in Providencia,

  • expand your search to include our recommendations in Cartagena or Santa Marta,

  • or contact a friendly guru for advice.

Best Hotels in Providencia

  • Deep Blue 12 rooms from £162


    Deep Blue enjoys a waterfront location on Providencia Island. Its rooms are modern and chic with king sized beds whilst most have private balconies with sea views. Relax on the terrace and soak up the sun or go for a refreshing dip in their infinity pool. A truly excellent stay in a lovely spot!

    Active Holiday  -  Head out to sea scuba diving, snorkelling and canoeing or hike around the island instead
    Total relaxation  -  Quiet accomodation with gorgeous sea views, beautiful weather and days at the beach
    Fishing  -  If you fancy a relaxing time in the sun then you can head to a number of places around the island off for a spot of fishing
    Kayaking  -  With kayaks available for free and given the hotel's location there's really no excuse not to get out on the water
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