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Photo of Asti

About Asti

The beautiful provincial capital of Piedmont, one of Italy's most important wine regions - you'll find that many of the best places to stay in Asti are ideally situated to make the most of its delicious vintages.

A town of many towers, and not one, but two picturesque old centres, the medieval heart, centred around the Romanesque San Secondo Church and the newer, Baroque period centre, which is arranged around the Plaza Alfieri. These two centres reflect the town's two great ages of wealth.

During the 13th Century this was one of the richest places in Italy, and the well-to-do families built wonderful towers, around 120 of them, leading to Asti being referred to as the 'city of 100 towers'. There are only 12 remaining today, but they're still a sight to behold. Alongside the churches, cathedrals and palaces.

Asti is also known for its Palio, a historic, bareback horse riding festival held in the main square on the third Sunday in September.

Asti is probably the commercial centre of the region's wine production, but it doesn't really feel like a commercial centre, more of a country town. And it's just 40 minutes from Turin and an hour from Milan.

There are plenty of accommodation options here, but our pick of the best places to stay in Asti are slighty off the beaten track. So whilst not being in the centre of the city, they are well placed for those who want to explore the wider region.

  • The Castello di Villa is a stunning castle, converted into a stunning, 14 room hotel, overlooking its own vineyards. This is a romantic spot - the larger rooms have four poster beds, beamed ceilings and wonderful murals, but it's also great value, with rooms starting from just £60 per night. The restaurant is popular amongst foodies, and the gardens are beautiful. This is also a great spot from which to explore the local markets of Alba and the vineyards of Barolo.
  • La Casa in Collina is a farmhouse and vineyards, offering six, traditional and lovely rooms to guests. It's in a quiet, picturesque spot, and has lovely gardens and a pool.

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Best Hotels in Asti

  • Castello di Villa 14 rooms from $87

    Isola d'Asti, Asti

    Stunning castle hotel overlooking vineyards. The large rooms have four poster beds, murals, beamed ceilings and big bathrooms. Outdoor pool, manicured gardens, terrace and library. Outstanding menu of locally sourced produce, excellent wine list. Ideal for a stop on a foodie trip of the region.

    Foodies  -  Over 50 Michelin starred restaurants to choose from in Piedmont, as well s day trips to the vineyards of Barolo
    Sights nearby  -  Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Gottardo di Asti
    Local markets  -  In nearby Alba
    Romantic  -  Good for couples.
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