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The Best Hotels in Trastevere

Translating to ‘Beyond the Tiber River’, Trastevere runs sort of along the Tiber, from the Vatican to the train line. It’s a colourful district, offering a maze of alleyways between elegantly crumbling palazzi and beautiful, grand sprawling piazza. And you’ll find many of the best hotels in Trastevere in amongst all this. This is a place of colour, nightlife and some of the most photographed washing in the world, strung up, as it is, between the narrow roads and creating an authentic feel to this area.

Anita Szeicz via Flickr

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs here now, so it’s losing some of its proletarian feel, but the best hotels in Trastevere are still a fairly reasonably priced bunch, especially when you consider the local colour they’re offering, along with their comfortable rooms and beautiful family heirlooms. So yes, the best hotels in Trastevere are a collection of smaller, family-owned-type, historic gems, rather than large internationally branded offerings.

As well as being a centre of Roman nightlife, Trastevere is also a wonderful place for visiting churches. There’s a Santa Maria and a Santa Cecilia, a San Francesco a Ripa and a San Pietro, among others. Trastevere is where St. Peter was martyred, so it’s very significant in this city where Christianity is very significant.

Gary Ullah via Flickr

There are also beautiful fountains and statues, because this is Rome and there are beautiful things to look at everywhere. In fact one of the nicest things to do in Trastevere is to just wander and hope you’ll become a bit lost…Trastevere is also one of the best places in Rome to get a great Italian meal at a reasonable price. Just don't forget to plan well ahead if you want to book one of the best hotels in Trastevere, it's a very popular spot!

The Best Hotels in Trastevere

Arco dei Tolomei

  • The Arco dei Tolomei is an intimate little hotel with six unique rooms, decorated with family antiques, artworks, charming wallpapers and all the mod. cons.. Boutique but affordable at around £160 per night.

The Best B&Bs in Trastevere

  • Buonanotte Garibaldi is a chic, three bedroom B&B with colour themed rooms and antique furniture. There’s a lovely breakfast courtyard, and an understated, welcoming feel. Perfect for a long weekend or longer stay.
  • Once a simple convent, the Santa Maria di Trastevere has retained its cloisters, and added some modern frescoes and a complimentary continental breakfast. The 18 rooms are large and simple, and the location is excellent.

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Written by Kat Parr Mackintosh

posted Thursday, 8th September 2016
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