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The Abacos spread east of Grand Bahama, a beautiful crescent of little cays, atolls and islands much loved by both divers and sailors. Their reefs are spectacular viewed from both above and below the surface. Most of the best places to stay in the Abaco Islands can be found on Great Abaco and Little Abaco, or else they'll be a resort with their very own private island!

While many of the Bahama's 'Out Islands' are considered sleepy, the beauty of the Abacos, and their popularity with both the sailing and diving community, mean that they can actually feel quite buzzy at some times of the year.

As well as the water fun on offer here, the Abaco Islands have some paradise-perfect stretches of sandy beach - namely Treasure Cay, which is frequently seen in 'Top Ten Beach' lists, and some great attractions and atmospheric museums. Don't miss a pootle over to Elbow Cay on the ferry. You can visit Hope Town famous for pretty pastel-shaded clapboard houses and see its candy-striped lighthouse - which saved about a ship a month from the treacherous reefs when it was built in 1863.

As with all popular Caribbean destinations, the best places to stay in the Abaco Islands will be very busy during peak season. So get organised and book your holiday early. Otherwise, plan your trip during quieter months, when you'll really get to appreciate those empty pristine beaches.

The best places to stay in the Abaco Islands

For families

  • The Abaco inn is a tropical charmer right on the beachfront. As well as palm print and cane furniture, there are hammocks and large balconies. Villas have kitchens, but there's also an outstanding seafood restaurant with a sunset-facing bar.

For divers and sailors

  • The Green Turtle Club & Marina is a secluded 30 room resort right on the beach. Expect quiet, friendly character, surrounded by lush gardens. And there's an excellent Bahamian restaurant.

For an apartment or villa

  • If you've decided that a self catering property would be more suitable for your holiday, then we recommend you visit our online booking partner Booking.com where they have a wide selection for all tastes and budgets.

Travel Information

  • The main airport on the Abaco Islands is Marsh Harbour, on the main island. While you can also get the ferry from Nassau to Hope Town, but this takes a slightly longer time of 12 hours to get to the Island.
  • Between November and April is the best time to visit if you want the least amount of rain to disrupt your stay! With temperatures also ranging from 20-25 degrees. Hurricane season runs from June to November, so this period is best avoided.
  • If you wish to hire a car, we recommend you visit our online partner Rentalcars.

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Best Hotels in Abaco Islands

  • Abaco inn Bahamas 14 rooms from €135

    Beach Life  -  The reefs and waters surrounding hotel are outstanding for surfing, snorkelling and fishing
    Groups  -  Suites with kitchens, enormous wrap-around balconies, lounges and lively bar
    Fishing  -  Abaco Inn offers our Fisherman’s Catch – a service allowing you to enjoy a dinner of your own catch prepared for you by the chef
    Surfing  -  Hotel beach waters offers one of the best breaks in all of Abaco; surf shops nearby
    Recommended by  -  Fodors

    Lovely beachfront resort on Abaco. Rooms have tropical print fabrics, hammocks and large balconies. Outdoor pool and manicured gardens, beach access. Villas have kitchens. Outstanding seafood cuisine and sunset-facing ambient bar. Plethora of watersports on the doorstep; great choice for groups. See More

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  • Green Turtle Club & Marina Abaco, Bahamas 30 rooms from €170

    Hideaway  -  Although only a 15 minute ferry ride, the island feels secluded, with bird filled mangroves and coral reefs to yourself
    Birdwatching  -  Bahama Yellow-Throat, Cuban Emerald Hummingbird, Red-legged Thrush, Olive-capped Warbler
    Full of character
    On the beach  -  In front of the hotel.

    Secluded island resort on the beach. Rooms are full of character with opulent fabrics, nautical accents and Caribbean dark wood furniture. Outdoor pool, gardens and library. Excellent Bahamian cuisine in ocean front restaurant. Quiet, idyllic and friendly. See More

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