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Photo of Pompeii

About Pompeii

Modern Pompeii has become a sort of satellite town of Naples, but no one is coming for that, we’re all fascinated by ancient Pompeii, ruined dramatically by the eruption of Vesuvius described by Pliny, and now one of the world’s most interesting archaeological sites. For most people the best places to stay in Pompeii are those closest to the ruins, but if you’re looking for a base to explore the whole area then our Guru’s recommendations for the best places to stay in Pompeii also include some great clifftop options between Pompeii and Sorrento.

Pompeii’s appeal comes from the suddenness of its destruction. It wasn’t destroyed, it was covered under fragments of burning pumice stone, so it’s all there preserved underneath, the Roman streets, the baths, the temples, houses and amphitheatre. Plus around two thousand people who were unlucky enough to be living there in 79AD.

One of the wonders of Pompeii is that it’s such a huge site and around a third of it is still un-excavated, so there are more treasures to be unearthed. Pompeii’s size also means that you’re sort of just wandering amid the eery ruins. There aren’t that many signs, and there are some areas which are blocked in a worrying sort of way, so it’s a good idea to invest in a good guidebook or else the audio guide to ensure you get the most out of your explorations.

For easy access to the ruins

  • The Casa di Plinio is an elegant B&B, located about as close as you can be to the ruins of Pompeii. There are just three traditional rooms, with brick walls and exposed wooden beams, wrought iron beds and some nice antiques. They do a hearty breakfast each morning, served in the dining room or outside on the terrace.
  • Just a short drive away along the coast towards Sorrento is the Grand Hotel La Medusa, an impressive, 49 room hotel with sea views and excellent facilities. The collection of rooms and suites offers classical elegance with all the mind. cons., plus there’s an enormous pool. Great for families.

The Best Places to Stay near Pompeii for Luxury

  • Even further along the route to Sorrento is the Capo la Gala, a luxurious, five start hotel set right into the cliff face. There are 22 chic rooms and suites, some with private balconies and plunge pools, plus there’s a spa and a Michelin starred restaurant with a hanging terrace. La dolce vita.

Still not sure which is the best place to stay near Pompeii for you?

Best Hotels in Pompeii

  • Casa di Plinio 3 rooms from $80

    NA, Campania

    An elegant and welcoming B&B, right beside the ruins of Pompei. Brick walls and wooden beams, wrought iron beds and antique wood decor add unique charm. A healthy breakfast is served each morning in the dining room or on the outdoor terrace.

    Value chic  -  Great value for money, in a fantastic location, with comfortable stylish rooms and friendly welcoming staff.
    Local exploring  -  The perfect spot for exploring- close to the archaeological sites as well as the city centre.
    Writing a novel  -  Be inspired by the history of this city and a homely vibe at the hotel.
    Great walks  -  Go hiking across the Path of the Gods from Agerola to Positano and soak up the amazing views.
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  • Villa Silvana 4 rooms from $171

    Pompeii (Boscoreale)

    A classic hotel born from careful restoration of a noble villa, surrounded by gardens. Ideally situated at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius, and close to Naples. Classical style decor in rooms, hand painted frescoes on the walls and period furniture add elegance. Sweet and charming.

    Value chic  -  Comfortable and elegant accommodation, in a stunning historical structure at a very reasonable rate.
    Local exploring  -  A great location for exploring, close to Naples, Sorrento and Pompeii.
    Sights nearby  -  The archaeological site of Pompeii located close by cannot be missed.
    Great walks  -  This area abounds in beautiful hikes into the countryside.
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