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Best Hotels in Cambodia

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See all » 25 hotels in Phnom Penh

  • One Up Banana Hotel 14 rooms from $39

    Phnom Penh (Beung Keng Kang I)

    This trendy suite only accommodation offers exceptional value for money. Albeit no restaurant and pool, but there is a lovely terrace with views of the city, a bar lounge area and modern, capacious rooms with hints of Khmer art and style. Not to mention the uber cool location in the BBK1 district.

    Value chic  -  This property offers exceptional value for money with rooms from just $40 per night
    City Style
    Sights nearby  -  7 min walk to the Independence Monument. 10 min drive to Sisowath Quay & the famous Royal Palace.
    Outstanding location
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  • The Blue Lime Hotel 23 rooms from $50

    Phnom Penh

    This 4-storey hotel is notable for its use of concrete and silk. The effect is modern and airy. Rooms are capacious with all the desired mod cons. Found down a quiet alley behind the National Gallery, the verdant tropical garden and luxury pool to the rear are a treat. Laze in a cabana, or head out!

    Sights nearby  -  The hotel is located in a quiet alley right behind the National Museum and the Royal Palace.
    City Style
    Swimming Pool  -  Salt water outdoor pool. For something really special book one of the four rooms with a private plunge pool
    Restrictions on children  -  Children must be 16 or over.
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See all » 22 hotels in Siem Reap

  • La Niche d'Angkor 36 rooms from $45

    Siem Reap (Salakomroeuk Commune)

    Simple and modern yet chic and traditional La Niche provides a variety of rooms (doubles, twin and triple rooms) in the heart of town. Great for families it is well priced and offers complimentary babysitting services. There is a large pool and a restaurant serving Cambodian and Western dishes.

    Families  -  With family rooms, plenty of activities as well as free babysitting services this is a great hotel for all the family.
    Value chic  -  With rooms available from £31 this is a great value deal.
    Local markets  -  Walking distance from Siem Reap's bustling 'Old Market'.
    Sights nearby  -  The temples of Angkor Wat are a must visit.
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  • Siddharta Boutique Hotel 28 rooms from $56

    Siem Reap

    This trendy hotel attracts a young, fun crowd and provides a little bit of luxury at an affordable price. Rooms are decorated in deep reds and vibrant golds and feature private balconies overlooking the tropical pool and gardens. There is a spa worth visiting plus yummy Khmer restaurant.

    Sights nearby  -  The Angkor Wat temples are the star attraction in Siem Reap.
    Local markets  -  The Old Market is a vibrant and exhilarating visit.
    Swimming Pool  -  Indoor/outdoor
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See all » 3 hotels in Kep

  • Veranda Natural Resort 19 rooms from $99

    Kep, Kep

    Comprised of wooden Khmer style bungalows with modern interiors, exposed stonework and private terraces. There is a spa offering traditional Cambodian treatments and a restaurant serving Asian and Western dishes. A choice of pools and bars for adults and 'The Happy Hut' for the little ones.

    Families  -  Private villas, plenty of pools and a great kids club make this property great for the whole family.
    Great walks  -  There are some excellent walking trails along the Bokor Hills and Bokor National Park.
    Local markets  -  Crab Market is an enjoyable visit: they are what Kep is known for!
    Sailing  -  Take a boat out to Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island).
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  • Samanea Beach Resort 12 rooms from $113

    Kep, Kep

    A collection of modern villas, ideal for families, with a private beachside location. Light and airy rooms feature exposed brickwork, billowing four posters, modern bathrooms and ornamental design quirks. They include lounging and dining areas. Plus lush gardens and a private beach. Divine.

    Families  -  Private villas and a whole host of activities: ideal for all ages.
    Cooking classes  -  The head chef will be glad to teach you some of the secrets of Khmer cuisine.
    Great walks  -  Along your own private stretch of beach including its own jetty.
    Local markets  -  The Crab Market is a fun visit.
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See all » 2 hotels in Sihanoukville

  • The Secret Garden at Otres Beach 10 rooms from $84


    Simple yet stylish beach bungalow accommodation. Spread amongst tropical gardens the property surrounds an inviting pool. There are plenty of sun loungers on the beach and each bungalow has its own private terrace. Room are bohemian and chic, featuring modern bathrooms. All at a great price!

    Beach Life  -  Traditional beach shacks located on, where else, the beach.
    Value chic  -  Simple yet stylish accommodation at an inviting price
    Sailing  -  The hotel concierge will help you organise a private charter.
    Kayaking  -  There are kayaks available for guests to use.
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  • Tamu Hotel 15 rooms from 80

    Sihanoukville (Krong Preah Sihanouk)

    The ultimate in barefoot luxury Tamu boasts modern accommodation, a private beach and one of the best restaurants in town. Chic rooms and feature design features such as polished concrete floors, retro furnishings, contemporary bathrooms and private terraces with sun loungers. Beach yoga anyone?

    Beach Life  -  The epitome of barefoot luxury this property has its own stretch of private beach.
    Value chic  -  The accommodation, food, facilities and service is far above the price.
    Fishing  -  Head out to sea and catch yourself a fish supper.
    Sights nearby  -  Visit the monks at Wat Otres and give offerings.
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See all » 1 hotel in Battambang

  • La Villa 7 rooms from $64


    Delightful, colonial villa in the heart of historic Battambang. Dating back to the 1930's La Villa boasts quaint rooms including original tiled floors, traditional wooden shutters and capacious four posters with billowing linens. Dining is in a bright conservatory. Guests can relax by the pool.

    Great walks  -  Take in some of Battambang's impressive colonial architecture along its Heritage Walking Trail.
    Sights nearby  -  Visit Wat Kor Village, its temples and historic Khmer houses.
    Local markets  -  Good for local colour.
    Full of character
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See all » 1 hotel in Koh Rong

  • Song Saa Private Island 27 rooms from $1059

    Kaoh Rung, Koh Rong

    A private island with award winning spa treatments and eco credentials. Rustic yet superlatively luxurious villas include uninterrupted ocean views, including glass floor viewing windows: watch the fish beneath your feet. Dining is as healthy or indulgent as you'd like with plenty of private dining.

    Spa breaks  -  Best spa in Cambodia, one of the best in the world. Repeatedly winning awards it is part of the destination.
    Eco break  -  Song Saa has won several awards for its enviromental efforts.
    Hideaway  -  A veritable hideaway: your own private island.
    Sailing  -  Head out for an evening cruise and swim amongst the water's bioluminescence. Ethereal stuff.
    Recommended by  -  Mr & Mrs Smith, Tablet
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See all » 1 hotel in Tatai

  • 4 Rivers Floating Lodge 12 rooms from $223

    Tatai (Koh Andet Island)

    A floating boutique tented resort located on the tranquil waters of the Tatai River. Large and comfortable rooms, decorated in neutral palettes benefit from private terraces with mountain or river views. There is a private boat for activities plus no internet means this is a veritable hideaway.

    Back to Nature  -  On the Tatai River surrounded by the Cardamom mountains.
    Hideaway  -  No internet, no distractions: a stay amidst nature.
    Kayaking  -  There are plenty of kayaks for you to traverse the surrounding river.
    Fishing  -  Head out along the Tatai River and catch yourself a fish supper.
    Recommended by  -  I Escape
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