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Serifos is a small Greek island in the Aegean's Western Cyclades. It lies about 90 miles east south east of Pireaus and is accessible by hydrofoil in around two and a half hours.The best places to stay in Serifos are perfect for soaking in the beauty and serenity of this unspoilt place. And Serifos is very much a place that the Athenians would like to keep to themselves!

In mythology, this is where Perseus and his mother Danae washed ashore after Acrisius, King of Argos cast them adrift in a wooden chest, having been warned by an oracle that his Grandson would kill him. Perseus subsequently returned to the island with the head of the Gorgon and turned the island’s King and court to stone for his unwelcome advances to Danae.

In more recent times Serifos was notable for its Iron and copper deposits, and it enjoyed an economic boom which lasted until the 1960’s.

Apart from the natural beauty, there is much to see;

  • the Hellenistic marble watchtower which dates to 300 BC,
  • six other ancient towers
  • not to mention the fortified monastery of the Taxiarchs which was built in 1572 and has been home to a solitary monk since 1958.

This island, like the rest of Greece, is much busier during the peak summer months. So despite being off the beaten track, the best places to stay in Serifos will get booked up quickly during July and August.

For a complete escape

  • Rizes Hotel is a private villa resort situated up in the hills. The contemporary suites have a rustic chic feel and each has their own pool. Greek cuisine is a speciality here and there is a lovely bar. This is a dreamy base for exploring the island - whether you plan to walk, sail or simply enjoy the empty beaches.

For beach chic

  • Situated right on the beach, but without some of the trappings you'd expect from a modern beach hotel (there's no pool or telephones here!), the Coco-mat Eco Residence is a group of stylish converted miners' houses with chic interiors and a laid back vibe.

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Best Hotels in Serifos

  • Rizes Hotel Cyclades, Serifos 13 rooms from $111

    Hideaway  -  An unspoilt Greek island, with dozens of empty beaches or just the privacy of your villa and pool
    Great walks  -  Abundance of marked trails of varying difficulty; hotel can advise
    Sailing  -  Serifos Yachts can provide boats and staff for day trips
    Seaside  -  Ideal for a seaside holiday.
    Air conditioningRestaurantSwimming PoolGardenParkingNo pets

    Private villa resort in the hills. Each contemporary apartment has rustic brick walls, white furnishings, stone floors and modern kitchens. Suites have private pools and terraces. Outdoor pool and sun decks. Superb fresh Greek cuisine, relaxed bar. Friendly, private and idyllic. See More

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  • Coco-Mat Residences Serifos 13 rooms from $240

    Hideaway  -  A private beach, gorgeous sea-views, secluded apartments and remote location. Completely tranquil.
    Great walks  -  Miles of walking trails through rugged terrain with stunning sea-views.
    Diving  -  The hotel will help organise scuba-diving expeditions.
    Views  -  Great views from hotel
    Air conditioningRestaurantGardenPet friendlyViewsParking
    Recommended by  -  Design Hotels

    A boutique hotel set into the hill overlooking a private beach. Secluded designer apartments feature charmingly uneven white-washed walls and exposed beamed ceilings and are sparingly filled with contemporary furniture. Modern greek cuisine is enjoyed with sea-views. Very chic. See More

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